Content types

February 16, 2023

Our case materials contain references to the relevant case law.

Where a more in-depth look is available for the case, a blue dot will appear at the top right hand corner of the case card.

Tapping these case cards will bring the user to the dedicated case page which may contain:

  • a summary of the key facts
  • the ruling of the court
  • key points from the case (and when swiped left, source quote from judgment)

Cases without the blue dot at the top right hand corner will only show the name of the case and its reference.

While we are building our content library for Ginger Snail, we have introduced a case voting feature which will allow users to let us know which cases are of particular interest for them. This will let us know which cases students are most interested in for their studies and guide our content generation efforts.

If there is a case you are interested in but is not listed in Ginger Snail, let us know via our feedback form at the bottom of our Homepage, or drop us feedback in-app.

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