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We vividly remember how, as law students, our desks were cluttered with textbooks, supplemental books, casebooks and the printed texts of judgments — if only there was a better way to navigate through those materials.

Now there is.

The idea of Ginger Snail first came to me when I was a law student.

I made extensive notes throughout law school that I was proud of and wanted to share with everyone. Sure, law notes are a dime a dozen, but I believe I developed a system of putting my notes into lists and layers; mine transformed into a telescopic learning method, focusing on clarity, precision, and ease of understanding.

What was my learning process? I would first make detailed notes while reading textbooks and articles. I would then summarise those notes, and when it came to exams, I would go one step further and reduce the full content of my notes into a list of bullet points. When you reverse this progression, it resembles the workings of a telescope – starting from the most summarized bullet points and gradually expanding into deeper details. Ginger Snail embodies this approach. We've adopted this three-tiered depth system in our notes and case summaries. I don't think I was the only law student who made notes that way, and that is why I believe this system will resonate with many students.

I also envisioned Ginger Snail as the ultimate pocket study companion. Imagine turning idle moments into valuable revision time without being encumbered by bulky textbooks. Whether you're on a bus or standing in a queue, the Ginger Snail app aims to be your preferred mobile study partner, making the most of those fleeting moments for focused learning.

Beyond our primary study notes, Ginger Snail offers a neat set of tools and an ever-expanding quiz library to enhance your learning. With an expansive feature roadmap in the pipeline, we are dedicated to demystifying complex legal concepts, allowing you to enjoy the nuanced and intellectually challenging journey of reading the law.

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Charles Low
Founder of Ginger Snail

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